Announcing Belerion Odyssey

Belerion Odyssey is the fourth novel penned by William Russeth. The novel is set on the ancient Mediterranean Sea, circa 480 BC. The story tracks the adventures of a runaway Helot slave, who falls in with a band of pirates after he kills the Spartans that were sent to murder him during the rite of Krypteia. Like William Russeth’s other tales, the story blends fiction, history, and mythology to create compelling characters, intriguing plot lines, and a narrative that takes readers to the ends of the ancient world.”

It was just a bit of gold and a map etched on an ancient medallion; gifts from Poseidon, found on the ocean floor, neither enough proof to convince anyone to search for treasure. That is—unless you are a runaway Helot slave with nowhere to run or a pirate with no place to hide. Then the promise of finding Jason’s fabled treasure with the woman of your dreams could only be good fortune beyond your wildest dreams. That is—until you realize your closest shipmate is the Spartan who is hunting you and the love of your life may be an incarnation of Medea, the monstrous witch.

What They are Saying About Belerion Odyssey

“Mutiny, kidnapping, betrayal, revenge, witchery, jealousy, and a dragon are just some of the elements that enliven this action-packed tale. It’s not the usual fare for a pirate adventure, but it’s a fresh change of pace from the more common Caribbean ones. Russeth skillfully interweaves myth, history and pirates to transport readers back to ancient times. Belerion Odyssey is a grand quest with an exotic flare that is sure to satisfy readers of historical fiction and pirate fans alike.” Cindy Vallar, Editor
Pirates and Privateers  (Reviewed in April, 2017 issue)

TITLE: Belerion Odyssey                               GENRE: Historical Fiction

EBOOK ISBN: 978-1-61309-288-0               PAPERBACK ISBN: 978-1-61309-708-3   

AUTHOR: William Russeth                            AVAILABLE: Amazon, BN, Smashwords, Kobo     

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