In 480 BC the most significant event may not have been Salamis

In 480 BC the most significant battle may not have been the battle of Salamis, where the coalition of Greek city-states defeated the   massive Persian armada. At nearly the exact same moment in time Gelos, Tyrant of Syracuse, and Theron, Tyrant of 
Agrigentum,  defeated the full might of the Carthaginian empire at the battle of Himera. Hamilar, the king of Carthage, sent an army of over 60,000 troops and 200 hundred ships to establish control over the island of  
Temple of  Concord is the only one  still standing 
Sicily. After the defeat, Hamilar committed suicide and Carthage was forced to pay Sicily 2,000 talents in silver in reparations. The  defeat of Carthage and Peloponnesian Wars that ensued allowed the Republic of Rome to develop and grow unimpeded.  The case could be made that the battle of Himera impacted the  history of Europe more than the defeat of the Persians at  Salamis. 
Syracuse used the 2000 talents of silver to build 16  temples in a valley near Agrigentum to thank the gods for their  victory. Though never included, it must have been  one of the Wonders of the Ancient World. 

Over 16  temples were constructed to give thanks for the victory.

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