More Ancient or Modern Art

About a month ago I posted a bit on modernistic art found in the ancient world. That posting jogged my memory of some interesting pieces that I viewed in the Museum of Athens from the Cyclades Islands that are near Greece in the Agean Sea. The Cycladic culture was a mysterious Neolithic culture that existed into the early Bronze Age, until about the time that the volcano sunk a good part of Santorini (Thira) in 1490 BC. Not much is known about this culture except that the white sculptures they left behind were used in funerary rites. When you look at them, you cannot help but be amazed at their modern look. Their designs seem somewhere between, Rodin, Moore, and Brancusi.

The work speaks for itself. Look at the photos and decide if the intellect and artistic drives of men and women have changed much over the past ten thousand years. Looking at these, I wonder if Brancusi did not find inspiration some of these pieces. I know what I want for Christmas and it is a replica of one of these pieces.

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