Review from Writers and Readers of Distinctive Fiction. Title: Fires of Belenus 4/10/08Author: William H RussethGenre: Historical Adventure/RomanceLength: 377 PagesPublisher: Wings ePress (Dec 2007) In Fires of Belenus, William H। Russeth pens an adventurous tale smartly written. You will shiver in the presence of Druids, cower before merciless warriors, and hope in the true spirit of one young man named Eoan. With a little romance to soften this ancient Celtic world, Mr. Russeth weaves a story that is not only entertaining, but surprising in its revealing and intriguing conclusion. I do so want to tell you the ending, but I must refrain. All I can say, is, read the book! You won’t be disappointed. Reviewed by Lynda Coker, Writers and Readers of Distinctive Fiction

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